Saturday, 10 May 2014

A Vegetable Noir

What happens when you cross film noir with vegetables?

'A Vegetable Noir' was a recent visual exploration to see if the aesthetic of noir films could work with less serious looking characters.

A world was envisioned, where vegetables of different social classes
1) Onions (Aristocrats: Bosses, Politicians)
2) Potatoes (Middle Class: Salesmen, Businessmen, Celeried Workers (pun intended)
3) Turnips (Proleteriat: Cleaners, Construction Workers and other less desirable jobs)

Find out more about the project here cheers

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Asian Alchemy Lab

just sharing some developmental concepts from a collaboration with ADM coursemates Anh and Cereph. The idea revolves around an apprentice (affectionately dubbed "The Intern") and his Master in a secluded mountain alchemical lab...

This is an excerpt (intro) from the colour script

The concept was for the Master to have a mechanical hand that contrasted with his frailness, much like a chinese steampunk kungfu master if you will.

The Intern on the other hand was conceived to be adorable yet lazy XD as a tribute to our own internship experiences.

However the REAL difficulty lay in translating these characters and concepts to 3D. More to come soon cheers

Sunday, 8 December 2013

Revamped Neighbourhood Police Post Launch

The team was invited to attend the launch of the Revamped Neighbourhood Police Posts at West Coast yesterday. After a couple of months of brainstorming and hard work put in last year, we were quite excited to see how much of the ideas were actually implemented.

To recap, the competition brief was to suggest ideas for automating certain police services, which would then free police staff from under-utilised police posts to patrol the streets and other core policing duties.

Our team's concept utilised several technological features such as videoconferencing and touch screen interfaces to create a safe, transparent and user friendly environment. There were however concerns raised about certain features such as the safe room which was eventually not implemented, but other ideas were given the green light (a little to our surprise). The final concept combined ideas from other teams and police feedback, such as the inclusion of community areas and partnerships with grassroots organisations.

The e-kiosk implementation was surprisingly similar to the proposed concept, with guided screens and videoconferencing to assist in crime reporting. This allows for centralized collation of data which frees up manpower. We were concerned about budgets in the original design and put in screens around 24 inch, but the implemented screens are huge and elderly-friendly . Possibly more work could be put into the interface organization as I feel it is too spread out at the moment, but pretty impressive work considering it only took about 1 year to implement.

The lost and found drop box was another surprise to us as many concerns were raised over the potential danger of items. This is mitigated by having to register using ID and also surveillance, and will bring a lot of convenience to users reporting found items.

Check out at the police video here as well as the press report.

Overall we were very impressed by how close the implementation was, though there certainly is more room for improvement which should be ironed out as the concept rolls out. The police are currently stationed to help users during the transition period, together with community volunteers at Radin Mas, West Coast and Marsiling NPPs, so pop by to take a look if you're around :)

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Rocky Muscle Study

Supposed to do a sculpt based off classical sculpture...

but got bored and based it off good ol' Rocky instead :P

too lazy to do the head -.-" maybe some other time with eye of the tiger on full blast lol. still modelling for FYP at 3+ in the morning jeez

Sunday, 1 September 2013

Time flies (lol)

Wasp done in Maya then Zbrush

...aaand zombie fly while playing around with Zbrush, kinda reminiscent of FFX creatures lol.

It's a been a crazy crazy couple of months... just back from my internship at DT Asia Communications in Hong Kong (more on that soon), and now currently working on my Final Year Project at NTU. Predictably this will be a pretty uphill battle having to pickup Nuke, Zbrush and other 3d techniques on the way, but i think our team is ready for the challenge >:) More soon mateys

Saturday, 27 April 2013


I've always wanted to paint a giant chicken (lol). Anyway, the less said about this one the better...

This was meant to be presented as a triptych together with a giant hog and a housefly. Fair bit more to polish but imma take a break from this set for now... more turbulent stuff coming my way soon.

To update, I'll be on school internship in HK from 10 May to 22 July! Excited! Mixed Feelings! More time to do personal work I hope >< later alligators

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

School of Pop!

Kind of a short post, just sharing some work done for a local grassroots music event. But it's always exciting to chart out the design direction and feel for large events, and definitely more so for festivals...

I guess for me it feels like almost solving a puzzle of some sort, and defining the look is always the toughest (and sometimes most enjoyable)  part of the ride. My client had suggested an MTV kind of feel, but after some experimenting I came up with the imagery of a lone rocker girl on a school table that they liked.

I basically went on further explore the look and expand it into the other collateral and designs for the event, such as the backdrop, posters, social media etc. Big shoutout to Janice and her team at Rivervale CC for the crazy 2 weeks that went behind preparing for the event, and for taking a risk with the rather "strange" faceless figures, I think it worked out. It was an enjoyable experience despite the mad rush, although I do wish I had more time to refine the final colour palette.

But the strangeness of it all is that I only really started working on events purely by chance. This was way back in junior college, where I had to conceptualise the decor for a couple of school events (which although unforgettable, certainly had its share of late nights, madness and tears).

And then somewhat by chance again (amazing luck I have), I went on to become the publicity chief for an arts festival in university which was its own monster to handle really. This was only possible with the help of an amazing team of 5 (cheers to Ersalina, Chi Theng, Joel & Harng) who helped create everything for this 2 month marathon.

That's really all I have for now, thanks for listening to an old man rant and reminisce about the good old days :P stay safe and hopefully attend a couple of those pesky art festivals now, it really is a lot of hard work!

Sunday, 31 March 2013

Project Nado Storyboards

Currently working on a game concept for animation preproduction class. Quite a fair bit more to go before we can flesh this out as a final year project concept, but it's been fun trying and executing new ideas. This particular sequence is inspired by the 1939 Wizard of Oz film...

Enjoy, hope to be able to share more developments soon :)

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Avatar Star Game Trailer Assets

Did some asset illustration work for a game trailer some time back, and now I'm finally allowed to share some stuff behind the scenes :)

Avatar Star is a third person shooter with a unique focus on character customization. For this project, I basically had to transform the world designed by the game developers into a stylized 2D format as the backdrop for introducing the character classes (namely Gunner, Guardian, and Assassin).

Overview of the town centre assets

Below is one of the composite images used for the Assassin trailer. Backgrounds have never been one of my strengths, but I'm glad to report that 1 semester under the tutelage of the legendary Hans Bacher has really helped to improve my background layout and design skills.

A big thank you goes out to the guys at InkFusion (Silver, Chonghan and Andy) for their kind guidance and also for the opportunity to help out on the project! And finally, do check out the game when it's released later this year! Cheers!


Sunday, 30 September 2012

Winner: BusinessChina Champ of Marketing 2.0 通商中国营销新人王

Took part in a marketing competition with a couple of friends recently, and we came out tops :)

Pretty excited because we will be going to BreadTalk HQ in Shanghai for a 6 day stint. More on that as it comes... in the meantime, read more about the competition here: article

The competition brief was to formulate a marketing proposal that positions BreadTalk's 2012 mooncake range in the Shanghai market, with a particular emphasis on new media marketing strategies.

Our team basically narrowed down our focus to target three segments of working professionals (top management, middle management and ladies). Based on these target segments, we made suitable recommendations for how to craft a personalized and effective marketing message, that takes into account different media both off- and online.

The proposal was supplemented with a mock-up advertisement (30%), where we took the opportunity to  demonstrate how our marketing message could be personified into 3 characters that we felt would best resonate with the target audience. Above are some screenshots taken from the final cut. A big shout-out to those who gave us their kind support during the online voting component :)

All in all it was an eye-opening experience for me, having to weed through market trends, competitors and consumer habits in order to gain insight on the Chinese market. It was also pretty fun and gratifying to be able to put into practice what I learnt from the "Marketing in the 21st century" elective offered by NTU (Thank you Prof Boey). We would also like to thank BusinessChina and the team for their kind support throughout the competition, and BreadTalk for kindly sponsoring the prizes.

I will definitely be taking a serious look at how to further apply my skill sets to advertising and marketing, will share any developments here. Hope everyone's had a Snazzy September, see you again soon :)

Monday, 2 April 2012

Tennisspree timeline

Timeline design developed for
Do check them out if you ever need tennis stuff from abroad.

The concept was to suggest the equipment and apparel of tennis pros, while putting more focus on the merchandise. Can you tell who the three players are? :)